To be Heard


If you seek to be heard, then know that your half-baked sharing will not suffice.

I say “to be heard”, for to be understood happens at another level.

Truth be, we all seek to be heard.

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Over the years I have witnessed myself and so many women reaching out for support yet withholding ourselves from speaking out our hearts unshamingly.


If there is one thing that I have learned from my relating with my sister and other women in my life is that “my openness to speaking “whatever it is” that is churning is my space, leads me to a space of seeing, hearing, feeling, witnessing and acknowledging “whatever it is” that is crucial for my growth in that moment in time.


When we open to speak our heart, it matters less whether the other understand or not, what matters most is during the act of sharing we will reach a peak where we start hearing our own selves.

This act of hearing self carries the seeds of healing, shifting and transformation.


So if you seek to be heard, stop withholding information.

Speak specifically about “whatever it is”, be it of confusions, pains, wounds

Do what you can but do not withhold information from your own self.


It is not about what the other will think of you nor how the other will see, hear or feel you but rather about your own comfort and /or discomfort at seeing, hearing, feeling, witnessing and acknowledging “whatever it is” for your own self.



To women who come to me for women circles and one to one coaching,I always send them back home with this gift of trust.

It takes tremendous trust of self to open up to one’s stories in front of another.Clients often confuse this trust to be that of trusting a facilitator’s tool, which is part of the process but the entirety of the trust comes from one woman too tired, too frail, too shaky,to even understand that she has reached a point on her path where trusting her body and her psyche is all that is left to her and for her.


Such woman pours out her entirety vulnerably without any inhibitions, without second thinking and as she pours out, she starts hearing herself, from that act of hearing, there is a deeper level of understanding that oozes and slowly healing, shifting and transformations pace in.


I am not saying to share your story with anyone you meet along way, I am simply saying while you open up to share, ground yourself in trusting your own self while remembering it is not what about the other will think, feel, believe, see and hear of you but it’s about you and your path.



If being heard is what you seek then know that your half-baked sharing of “whatever it is” in your space is dis-serving you.


If you are unable to speak openly, then maybe this is a place to start with and then to gently allow yourself to be witnessed by someone else when you are willing to.


Years of dwelling in fear of life has numbed us from our instincts, there was a time when the act of sharing, whispering, saying, listening, hearing and gossiping were prayers said, held and nurtured for one another.


Take it one step at a time

| Check your inner judgement | Check your self talks |the Dos | the Don’ts |

| the Should Have | | the Should Not Have |


One step at a time

Be kind and gentle towards your self

It’s an intense time

We are all waking up

We will no more be able to bypass it all with “positive chanting”

Whether we want it or not, life is ushering us all to embrace “whatever it is” that hurts, pains, wounds most, for this is the way to liberating


As you walk that path of gathering your selves

May you give yourself permission to be heard vulnerably wholely

May you gently walk your self home

May this walk teach you to guard off life

May life whisper your essence to you

May you be brave enough to listen



Love from my heart to yours


Megha Venketasamy


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Image source: Jeremy Bishop @ Unsplash  

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