If we seek to connect and engage actively with anyone on this earth, we start with rapport building. We start by becoming, mirroring, humming, whispering as that who is in front of us.

In a conversation we step into the other’s world while holding boundaries grounded, for the intention is to see, feel, hear, and experience the other’s world through the other.
We breathe the same breaths.
We tone the same tone.
We wiggle the same wiggle.
We giggle the same giggle.
We beat the same beat until the other sees him/her in us.


This is no mimicking.

This is the sacred act of acknowledging the world that has just shown up in front of us
We then reach a potent peak where we are fully aligned.
The fertile soil of the other is ready and willing to be lead to the next level.
This is the dance we engage in coaching.
We pace, pace and lead with the client.
As coaches, we hold the frames and we lead the game for the intention is hold space for the client to manifest for his/her self whatever it is that she/he has gained clarity on.
The quality, intensity and depth of rapport “Pace|Pace|Lead” determine that which the client opens up his/her self to, awareness, choices and commitments for the next.
Put it simply, unless, we are in rapport, what happens is aligned with set intentions.

When we are out of rapport, what we manifest is not aligned with our intentions.
Yet what we manifest is an immediate vibrational representation of our energetic focus at that specific time.

Shift Gears| Focus on Self

Human beings are always conversing and relating with, through and to life. We are always engaged in this dance of “Pace|Pace|Lead” with life. This eternal engaging of “Pace|Pace|Lead” manifests life through and within life physically.

What do we do when we are unable to manifest?
We are always manifesting.
Or rather what do we do when that which we are manifesting is not aligned with our core intentions?
So what does one do?
Where does one start when weeks, months and years have been invested and focused on that one project, one relationship, one work, one brand, one concept and one whatever it is?
Step Out| Pause | It will be “OK”

Check “What are you manifesting?” | Look for evidences of that which are being manifested right here right now.

Often times, over-focus on the destination leads us to being out of rapport with life.
Being out of rapport is not an end and certainly not a fatality. This is a potent time to learn, to gather self and harvest ripeness of self.

Start Here

What am I being called to create/experience/manifest right here right now?

Focus your energy on whatever you are being called to create/experience/manifest right here right now.


Center Yourself| Grounding

Give Space| Give Yourself Permission to be carried through this phase


Pace| Pace|Lead

As powerfully put forth by my sister and fellow companion on this journey of shifting and transforming,Pratibha Kujur

“If I can't manifest something better then let me focus on manifesting something different.

Keep doing something that pleases my heart till my desires take physical form.

Make the shift gradually.”

Often times, along this journey of ours, we will be asked to pause, to slow down and to Pace| Pace|Lead with life, for to move to the next level we will have to learn a higher level to Pace|Pace|Lead with life.
Keep being and doing until the heart shifts even if the doing and being has nothing to do with one's purpose. Each time, the day embraces the duskiness of the night, we will be taught of the interconnectedness of it all.
I hear myself and I see how important it is to hold such conversations as entrepreneurs.

This is no failure – it’s a dance of re-aligning our grooves, our moves, our swirls, our steps and our breaths, our beats, our giggles, our wiggles, our tears and our entirety with life
Along way, we will be called to un-learn, re-learn Pace|Pace|Lead with life.


Holding space for each of us
Holding space for the intensity in the sky
You will be back in no time
We will be back in no time
Keep believing even when "nothing is coming through"
Be the Dragon Slayer to any Resistance
Keep Breathing

Love from my heart to yours

Megha Venketasamy

Image source: Kunal Parmar @ Unsplash  

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