My story led me here in this moment in time with you



There’s a fine line between knowing your story and owning it....

Owning my story was not a choice until at the age of 27years, I came to realize that I was slowly dying – a body overfed with medication for 10years, a heart aching from a traumatizing childhood and a painful adulthood.

But it was and is no easy path for this little frightened bruised heart that I was , that I am.

We all have bit and parts of us that we love most; that we exhibit most; that we water most; that we beam most.

We all have bits and parts of us that we conceal most; that we blot out most; that we alter most; that we hide most.

I have them too.

Those childhood memories; that lover who crack you open; those moments where you felt not enough; that one endless argument with your mother; those friends that walked away never once to turn back; those dark nights; those bruises; those broken bones; those unshed tears..

I have them too. You have them too. We have them too.


Choosing them was not a choice. Choosing that which I concealed most, blotted out most, altered most and hidden most – was not my choice.

The truth is I have spent years running and my story has spent years chasing me. We have had this one strong Chase-Runner relationship.



The day I realized that life was slowly losing my self, that day I paused.

 A move that brought to my awareness aching muscles, cranking bones, strained heart, shallow breaths, racing heart, blistered soles.


From then on, I would wake up every day to one story. It would be me and my story, naked intimacy, heart to heart, pains to pains, tears to tears.

Agonizing paralysis, me with that concealed most, blotted out most, altered most and hidden most of me.


For the last seven years, I have been waking up every day to this simple process and I still do.

Not like I am done with my runner and chaser game – it is comes up. Compulsion!

But it does not last for long and I certainly do not reach that cliff anymore.


“We all have bits and parts of us that we conceal most; that we blot out most; that we alter most; that we hide most.

Choosing them is hardly ever a willing choice. Yet choosing them is the only way out of this agony. Choosing them is choosing you. Your story will lead, Your story will craft, Your story will open, Your story will heal. Your story will gift you with your deepest essence. Your story will gift you to you. This is your way to wholeness”



Where do I stand today? I stand with myself. Not like I do not doubt, not like I do not question myself. I do

All these are part of this journey

Not like I do not seek. I do. All this is part of growth, my growth, your growth, our growth.

If there’s one thing I have learned and I am still learning is the power in humility in remembering that I am here because of all those who crossed my path, teaching me that the self-made stories that people sell is a "scam" and reminding me that everyone matters in this life and that titles, status are in the end just gimmicks

The  one way I can bring change to this world is by becoming a better person. I  commit to become a better person and I commit to level my joy for life for this is where my power starts and ends…


As I end this note of mine, I know that in my story you read yours, through my own struggles you feel yours. And as I heal so you will.

Brief Bio: Megha Venketasamy

Megha’s life purpose to be one of those to “support women and men” by building bridges and by bringing balance for the collective healing of this world through co-creative collaborations.

Megha holds a degree in Business Management and is an Associate Certified Meta-Coach and a NLP Practitioner by the International Society of Neuro-Semantics. Megha is an Certified Shakti Moon Woman Circle Facilitator trained under The She Stands Tall Project, based in Bangalore.

She is a Vital Voices Alumni and a Mandela Washington Fellow 2017 placed at the Presidential Presinct under Civic Leadership.

Currently, she is one of the Board Members of Trade+Impact, an international association whose purpose is to focus on women led social entreprises in Africa and MNE. In her professional and activism commitments, Megha focuses on inner empowerment of women by working through belief systems, combining neuro-semantic tools with facilitation tools, for that which is constructed can be deconstructed.  She journeys with women so that they remember and re-member their inner power and then they lead their way through.