We support women and girls in their journey to RE-CLAIMING, RE-CONCILIATING, RE-MEMBERING and RE-WRITING their truth by CASTING, HOLDING and NURTURING safe spaces. We become conscious witness to your journeys

At the core of our works, is vulnerability, we support from this utmost space. Modalities, tools and techniques are brought forward bearing in our heart that each individual has a unique matrix of being and each individual asks to be witnessed.


Engagement Modalities:

Every individual is a whole in himself and herself, we focus our intent on wholeness while supporting those we journey with. The foundation of our works is based on the whole person philosophy, the intellect, emotional, physical, spiritual, vocational and social

  •  Neuro Linguistic Programming

  • Meta-Coaching

  • Organic Inquiry

  • The Way of the Circle

  • Women Wisdom

We host facilitators from diverse fields with the intention of supporting those we journey with and with the humbleness that we cannot do it all on our own and we honor bringing forth teachers, seers, fellows and companions who have much to teach and share with us all.

We offer structured personalized individual and group sessions for women and men


  • Women circles

  • One to one coaching

  • Circle Centered Facilitated Sessions/Workshops

  • Heart to Heart Conversations

“Daughter of Woman, your healing task is not to become a new, improved or changed person. Rather, it is to reclaim your natural and essential self in all its fullness. In the very beginning, you remembered yourself. You came into the world with feelings of omnipotence, not inferiority.” ― Patricia Lynn Reilly