Re-Writing our Narratives of Whatever it is

I feel as days stretch, we will no more be able to escape the one pounding whisper “it is time to review your narratives of whatever it is.”

I pause and I scan my path up till now. I see, I hear and I feel how those narratives handed over to me, were in turn validated by my self until I ended up building a huge chunk of life around it.

There is much to say, to state and even more to shatter.


I am about to open my Pandora of churning thoughts owning responsibility to review every words in years to come; acknowledging that this life itself is no constant. One day, I will be asked to unlearn everything that I am about to learn.


Here are my whispers

1. Love is not what we know of love

Love is not always some comfortable thing. When true love steps in, this love will take you on an unlikely ride. A bumpy shaky ride that forces you to face your fears, your unworthiness, your limits and your wounds. 

You will be nauseous with this kind love. I am not speaking of narcissistic love, though even these relations have their roles to play on earth.

I am speaking of a love that is so pure that it comes into your life with the sole purpose of moving you to closer to you. And for this inner closeness to come into being, you will have to let go of everything that hinders your path to you.

Know that if ever you were to fall unto such love in your life, then you are a blessed one. When your love mirrors your fears, your unworthiness, your limits and your wounds – know this is the beginning of a whole new journey where you will be taught to you are deep within to emerge.

Such pure love redefines compassion.


2. Compassion does not mean that life will save from your phase

Being compassionate does not mean that life will pause to come to your rescue. Being compassionate does not mean that life will interfere on your behalf to smoothen the process you are going through.

Compassion means that space will be held for whatever you are going through, knowing and believing that you will make it through. Being compassionate means that life stands in awareness that this phase is exactly what you need to make it through and this is your battle. Prayers, Wishes and Humming will talk through with you but life will never INTERFERE.


Life will never INTERFERE until you learn to INTERFERE on your behalf.

This will ask of you to raise one tiny finger and this is enough to keep you going.


3. Alchemize this belief of pain sine-qua-non to learning and growth

We have been brought up in an illusion of stability and success

Change scares us; Change brings to surface our deepest fears. Change announces a new world and we resist this. Growth is scary for this world practices the doctrine of selling “growth equals to pains”, there is no growth without pains.

Our true nature is not aligned to pain, so we try to fix pains, we run away, we hide, we stuff and we numb.

It is our resistance that causes pain. Know where your resistance comes from, know why you are comfortable in this old, know what it symbolizes for you

Know also that you cannot resist change. As much as change can be smooth in the beginning, it will be violent if you have let it accumulate for far too long.

Pain is a result of unawareness, of wanting to fix things, of holding on and of being afraid.

None knows what is ahead but there is a promise from life, when you release that which dis-serves you, the rest will fall in place.


4. Discomforts are not meant to be fixed

Human beings are gifted with a palette of emotions. We have been taught and told about synthetic happiness. A marketed image of happiness which dictates that moment of discomforts are to be fixed and corrected.

There is nothing wrong in feeling discomfort. This discomfort is here to teach you something. It is telling you something. It is here for a reason. Stay with it

Know that nothing is wrong with you. You will feel, you will question. You will doubt. You will compare. You will freak out. You will drag yourself. You will cry. You will be angry.

Until you find your own way through. You will have to rock bottom until your suffocation kicks you to make a choice to reach out for your light. This is being human.


5. Trust your Feeling

Feeling is that space within, when you know that which you know not how –

this Unknown Knowningness.

There is no logic here. No oracle can predict for you. No healer can smoothen your path.

This is about you and your journey.

Perhaps the biggest challenge of any human this moment onwards is to start trusting his/her flow, knowing that there is no logic to this flow.

There will be no instant validation for what which you FEEL. This instant gratification, we have been domesticated into, holds no space as we move forward in our consciousness.

This is about your training into TRUST.


6. Whoever teaches you to curse others’ differences, know this is not DIVINE

We have wasted enough lives being scared of that which differs on the surface.

Religious Leaders have played a wicked role in fueling this.

Know that the path we are going is asking us to rewrite the narratives of what being different mean but most importantly to heart our differences for at their core rests the keys to our healing and elevation.

Whatever, whoever, wherever, whichever, however, you were brought up to believe in, know that you will have to let go of that fear of the differences; know that this is no one way to meeting Divine.

And if there exists one way, then that way is that you shredding all that is not Divine within you.



2018 announces itself as a SPECTACULAR year, most of us will BE NO MORE the SAME by 2019. WE will undergo TRANSFORMATION like NEVER BEFORE. WE will be LOST, WE will AGONIZE, WE will  be SCARED and WE will SCARE the WORLD.

But ultimately, WE will FIND our WAY THROUGH, for that’s the PROMISE from LIFE, “WE WILL ALL END UP HOME EVENTUALLY.”


Photo Courtesy: Chaya Jhowry

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