"Whispers of Faith" is One Month Old


I am still digesting what I did, how I did it and all the support that has been flooding my way since.

I never once questioned why I was being pushed to move ahead with this book.


From the very BEGINNING, there HAS BEEN and there is STILL



Took that risk, invest time and finance and most importantly trust people who joined this ride. Today, I stand in my most vulnerable skin whispering to me, you and us as we close off this year.

Four months ago, I first uttered this phrase “Whispers of Faith” and off, we ventured through this journey. What happened to me and to us along way feels like an entire life


Mid November 2017, as we neared the closing of this project, I was plunged into darkness and I lingered there for days.

But what happened exactly?


My faith was annihilated; that in which I have ever believed in was being washed away. This was the scariest part of this journey. How do I stand and talk about Faith for my Book Launch when I could no more believe in that which was handed over to me from the very beginning of this life?


How do I keep moving? How do I keep communicating to people who were part of the project?


The Gods, the Goddesses, the stories and the myths, they no more stood for me in that moment in time. I understood I was over them and this frightened me. Not that I no more believed in the UNSEEN, the UNFELT and the UNHEARD. My connection WITH, TO, and THROUGH Divine was being REWIRED. I was being REWIRED.


The inner violence and agony that I have been through were the results of me holding on to that which were being asked to be alchemized. I was chasing the bits and pieces of beliefs and patterns that were no more serving me.


Despite, my awareness, I was not fully able to SMOOTEN my steps through this darkness. Resistance is part of our human domestication until we reach a peak where our physical body will push us to surrender.


I went through that phase and it felt unfair. I saw, I felt and I heard myself crying, “Why Universe, you asked me to proceed with this project and why this agony now?”


Witnessing my entirety crumbling down and still having to move ahead for everything was set in motion for the Launch.

The launch happened and things happened way beyond my expectations and plan.


“Whispers of Faith” is one month old today.


Where do I stand right now?

I am still on my path, moving ahead. But no more the same, hear my heart whispers today:

1. Know that the ANNIHILATION of your FAITH is part of the PATH OF FAITH

There will be pivotal phases in our life when all that we have ever believed in, will crumble down for the real, for the true and for truth to step in.

It is part of a plan beyond us; whether we want it or not, we will be called in due time to release beliefs that hinder us from connecting deeper within without.

Whether we seek it or not, there will come a time when we will have to release limited patterns to step in our role to support the elevation of this world.


Where are you in this moment in time? What do you feel? What does your body say? What movies is your mind theatering ?

Know that as we release that which has served us, newness will step in. This is the promise from Life.


2. Initiation through Your Self

Whispers of Faith came to me as my initiation into my path of Faith

A path that asks to TRUST the UNSEEN, the UNFELT and the UNHEARD, that which dwells within, that which leads within, that which guides within and that which whispers within.

A path that asks to FEEL, SEE and HEAR DIVINE beyond what this world teaches us.

And this can be confusing, for I am intentionally choosing to use the word DIVINE, to intentionally VOID the space so that you find your WAY THROUGH.



Chaos is part and parcel of any initiation.

I have witnessed the chaos, I became Chaos and I emerged from Chaos into Grace.

But we have over-fanaticized pain as a key ingredient to growth. Pain happens because of resistance.


Where is resistance happening in your life? Seek help and release it.

Know that when you are initiated, you will be asked to release the old for the new to step.

You will have to be willing to lose everything,

to literally fail to connect to your self

Know that any initiation has for purpose to move you closer to Divine, closer to You.

In the end this is about you and you.


3. Compassionate Divine

Divine is utterly Compassionate. While you wiggle in agony, you are never left on your own, not even for a millisecond.

While it is easy to curse our circumstances, while it is even easier to embrace the fatality of our life, know that we have been and we will always be supported, guided, loved and led by something way beyond us.

Wherever you are in this moment in time, know that the love, the support, the guidance, the embrace that you are seeking, are right here with you surrounding you and humming for you.

If only, you would allow yourself to believe, to listen, to trust as you move ahead

What difference will it bring to your life, if you would pause just for a few seconds to listen, to believe and to trust your unknown knowingness?


4. Trust, Trust and Trust

We have been trained to seek logic and reasoning. Our mind says things, our body senses something else and our feeling knows what it knows not.

This is the perfect conflicting equation.


This is what I have learned.

Number 1:My Mind

My mind will drama through but I have a choice to follow  or not. My mind is such a magnificent tool that it will craft stories and movies and cloud my senses and my vision.

My mind roars control. But control for what, of what, of who?

Are you clouded? Is there an excess of information? Do you no more know what and who to trust?


Number 2: My Body

My human body is far way sensitive. My body senses that which I do not always hear, see and feel. My body knows which way is good for me, which place will drain me. My body is constantly communicating to me.

What is your body telling as you read those words? When did you last listen to your body?


Number 3: My Feeling

This unknown knowingness, we all have it. You have it too. And there is no logic to it

There is no instant validation for this unknown knowingness.

And this is how your trust and faith are reinforced – you trusting this unknown knowingness of yours.

We all have this one thing at least, that we know without knowing how. that one knowingness for which we have no logic, no explanations. Use that one unknown knowingness as a starting part to build your inner muscles as you walk your walk through.


Know that this is YOUR PATH and it is only UP TO YOU to find your WAY THROUGH

Know that as you START TRUSTING your


Know that whether you WANT it or NOT, you WILL eventually LOSE everything that COMES between YOU and YOUR ELEVATION

Know that every PROJECT will ASK of a DIFFERENT version of YOU

Know that as we USHER our WAY into 2018, we are being ASKED to SHIFT, to CHANGE and to TRANSFORM into something WAY BEYOND that which we KNOW

Know that a NEW YOU will be BIRTHED




My deepest wishes of love, light, abundance, gratitude and vibes for 2018

May this New Year open doors within without

May this New Year moves You Closer to You

Love Light Vibes

Megha Venketasamy


Photo @ Henna Sooneeram

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