How do you find your path?

We are standing at crucial point in time, another year drawing it’s end and we are many questioning our reasons for being present in this moment in time and the way forward.

These past weeks, I have been blessed to witness amazing human beings who are at crossroads and the questions that they keep asking is “How do I find my path? How will I know that this is the way to go? And what if I choose one way and then I end up missing the actual path?”


There is no one way to finding your path. No one can truly predict this life for you. But, there are some key triggers as move through with your questions.


1. No One can answer you, not even an Oracle

Know that this is your path and things will be shown to you and only to you.

As you grow in awareness of your inner world – beliefs, agreements, values, feelings, emotions, sensations, body and memories, you will then have a deeper understanding of how to shift in an empowering way to navigate through this life for your life.

Do not be fooled by anyone telling you that they will show you the way.

Facilitators and coaches play a role of guiding you to uncover your inner world but in truth, we are as novice as you to that which is happening within you


2. Let go of that which is weighing down

What is coming between you and you?

We have been taught and told to be this one, that one, the other and some other one.

No one never told and taught you that finding your path will ask of you to let go of everything that is not you, let go of the masks that you carry, of the things that are not aligned to your heart, let go of instances, places, relations, people that are not honoring you.


Truth be, we know, we see, we feel and we hear that which are not aligned to us. But we are a touch scared for if we let go of them all, what will become of us?

We will become more of us and as we become more of us, the rest flow in.

For you to step in, space is crucial. As you let go, space is created.


3. No wasted Energy

You may be one of those who have been exploring so many paths, creative flows these past years.

Know that there is nothing wrong. Trust that one day you will join the dots.

You may be in a white collar job right now, wondering whether all these acquired skills and competences will serve a purpose, were you to take the leap to create your own way.

Every tiny step, you have taken so far are serving a purpose in your present and they will serve a purpose in future.

There is no such thing as wasted energy on earth.

Those certificates and work experiences, they will serve their purpose regardless of where you land in life. Some of them will have to be released but the human experiences will never go to waste.

Be reminded of this!


4. Go with the flow

Give your self permission to go with the flow of life but be present to what “going with the flow of life” means.

In no way it means sitting here and waiting for things to happen. In no way it means letting others come in your space and pulling you in all directions. In no way it means following others blindly.


Going with the flow of life, means acting on your intuitive flow.

There will be moments when you will feel led, guided and called from within in a specific direction to the external world. Go ahead! Follow your calling for it comes from inside of you


Yes these are also times when having an open heart to heart conversation with a coach and a facilitator can prove to be crucial for you will be held in a way that will allow you to listen to your inner callings.

Move ahead and try that which your heart is attracted. Try that which carries no logic yet it sings to your heart like none.

How do you find this one? You know it, as you close eyes, you see, you feel and you hear your self doing that which sings to your heart like none.


5. Know that one day you will have to funnel it down

As much as it is healthy to explore, know that one day you will have to make a choice to funnel it down.

One day, you will have to pause and choose among the other choices that ignite you from within.

And I often hear this from clients, “what if this is not the right path? What if I miss out on the rest if I choose this one?”

There is no bulletproof answer to this one. But there are two keys to all this:


First Key – Inner Power

When you make a choice, you will start gathering a specific inner power to move through this choice. As you gather inner power, you grow deeper from inside. This is crucial, regardless of what will happen to you, growing into you is the most important part of your path.

Know that the mere act of choosing is enough for you are allowing yourself to grow.

Allowing yourself to go in itself will ensure that you will be lead exactly where you are meant to


Second Key – A choice is not The Path

There is no wrong or right choices. Your choices will flow lessons, love, wisdom and healing your way.

For this to happen, you will have to open up a touch through each step.

For this to happen, you have to understand that A choice is not The Path.


While what you choose can shape your life for years ahead, know that what you choose will also sharpen your intuitiveness through life, even if it means letting go of this choice in future.

It is you and your intuitiveness that find the way to your path.


And you will never know this unless you choose.


6. You have always been on your path

You are already on your path, yet no one told you this.

You have been on your path from the very beginning.

Your fears of failure and of getting hurt and the external world’s definition of what “being on the path” means, have kept you blinded from seeing that you have always been on your path.

If we were to ask you to pause just for a few minutes and scan your life of what you have known of so far, we are sure you will find bits and pieces and glimpses of how you have always been right where you are meant to be.


You do not have to quit everything and go on mountains and retreats to mediate. But yes, you have to start clearing the mess off your vision to see whatever is in front of you to allow your self to pave your way consciously from this moment onwards.

Meditation, prayers, yoga, life coaching are pathways that play a vital role for they bring you closer to you.


As we close off this one extra long blog,


Pause, Breathe and Know that You are Already on Your Path, whether You BELIEVE or NOT.

Know that You will have to KEEP CHOOSING, CHOOSE that WHICH SINGS to YOUR HEART

You will have to ALLOW YOUR SELF to be EMERGE



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