Some Whispers of Truth

It’s been one week since we have launched “Whispers of Faith”.

I say “WE” for had it been not for the support, love, guidance and energy of collaborators, mentors, sisters, brothers , friends and for so many of you , this project would not be where it stands today.

This is what I have been through, here is what I saw, this is how I felt and these are what I heard.


We all enjoy being witness to the unveiling of some magic, of some awesomeness.

This awakens our inner dreamer, this inspires us and we aspire to bring our own magic unto this world.

Yet we rarely ever question the process behind. What brought someone to where she/he person stands today?



I am reviewing my own process at this moment in time. There’s much to say and share.


First and Foremost

It is easy to talk about FAITH, yet it feels fairily foolish to even try to sell stories of FAITH.


FAITH means to believe in the unknown, the unseen, the unfelt and the unheard. Faith is far beyond a belief. FAITH by default means that it cannot be shaken.

But FAITH is such path that is not devoid of doubts, confusions, pains, hurts and wounds.  Those of us, who will consciously walk the path of spreading FAITH, we will first and foremost be purged of everything that comes between us and that which we define as FAITH.


Doubts, Fears, Tears

Know that when you dive into a project, regardless of it’s depth and immensity, there will be great moments of awe as well as moments of doubts, fears, pains and freaking.

Most teachers do not talk about it. Rather, they ask you to REFOCUS and BE POSITIVE.

I say, FEEL what YOU FEEL. Own it, but know that this is temporary but most importantly know that this FEELING is here to TEACH YOU something about YOU.


Doubts and fears  do not just happen; they speak of your fears, of your stored wounds, of your unhealed parts.


We have all them. You have them and you may well be licking them right now for they were named.


This implies that you will freak out, you will want to quit, you will want to run away, you will want to bury your self  somewhere. Exactly how I felt all along way.


None of this means you are UNWORTHY. It may well mean that you are JUST OVERWHELMED and there are tiny butterflies asking to be LOOKED at WITHIN you. It may well mean that you have wounds that are asking to be healed.


What comes between YOU and FAITH?

What stops you from believing in life? Who cautions you from trusting life?

We are not even referring to people, objects or places but LIFE..

What is coming in your way to trusting that things can be unfold magnificently for you?


Can you feel it? Can you see it? Can you hear it?

That part of your unhealed self. Your VERY BEING.

That very part that you have bomb-stated within and then you live the same horror over and over again.


If there is anything hindering your way to believing in life, then that thing is inside you, ingrained deep within.

Unconsciously you have been nurturing it for years, now it is ingrained and interfering with you and your life.


We say, these are constructs; for most of life, you will construct your life unconsciously.


But when you grow a touch in your awareness, then it is up to you, solely up to you, to make a choice to start owning that which hurts, that which stinks, that which pains and that which burns within.


Know there is no end to all this

Life is an endless ride, there may be pauses but there are no stops.

Nothing ever stops. Even when you ask for pauses and for stops. Even when you pray for pauses and stops – know that the INNER WORKS GO ON.

This is a life where You will learn to EMBRACE your KIND of FAITH through the tears, pains and wounds.


None of these make you less of anything, even if you think you are less.

This is the truth of life and from life.


This is what I have been through, here is what I saw, this is how I felt and these are what I heard.


FAITH is an inside rhythm.

It happens between YOU and your KIND of FAITH.


And the RIDE is not OVER YET.


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Pausing, Standing Tall

Celebrating and Honoring Your Path, My Path, Our Path

Endless Love, Blessings, Light and Vibes

Megha Venketasamy


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