What legacy do you want to leave?

I am dwelling in a space where I feel called to set my intentions like never before.

These questions have been swirling in my space for a week and today, I hand them over to us and for us.

What legacy to do you want to leave behind?

What is that gift of your presence that you want to leave behind when you depart this human body?

What and how and who do you want to be remembered as?


Maybe you want to be remembered through your children or through your significant other or through your work or through your family. Regardless of what legacy means to and for you, know that this is your legacy and every legacy matters for they become part of this world and will serve the purpose to fuel love within this world.


And as I walk through this phase, I wonder about so many of us – I wonder about the process that we all go through consciously and unconsciously. This phase is teaching me that it will take more than just well-defined specific intentions to reach that specific destination.

There is an element that most of us do not talk about; something that most of us shy away from for this is probably an aspect that has been misunderstood and demonized from the very beginning of life.




When I say “POWER”, I refer to the innate ability, wisdom, gifts that each one of us carries within. The POWER to CREATE, to CO-CREATE, to SUPPORT but also the POWER to DESTROY and to ELIMINATE.


I know that I am not the only one and certainly that the last  to struggle to owning her POWER. My POWER to CREATE, to CO-CREATE and to SUPPORT. And I stay very much present to my POWER to DESTROY and to ELIMINATE.

I am learning to walk towards HUMILITY instead of PLAYING SMALL. PLAYING SMALL is one thing and STAYING HUMBLE is another thing.


HUMILITY comes from the KNOWINGNESS that there is no SELF-MADE  BEINGS on earth, WE ARE WHO ARE We in this moment in time, for OUR EXISTENCE has been IMPACTED by and through the EXISTENCE of OTHERS (those who came before us and those who are right here right now). This PERPETUAL SYNCHRONIZATION OF LIFE into our EXISTENCE, whether we BELIEVE IN IT or NOT  whether WE ARE AWARE OF IT or NOT, speaks of this INTERDEPENDENCE that EXISTS THROUGH and WITHIN each one of US. This is HUMILITY, this KNOWNINGNESS that our STORIES are INTERTWINED and our PATH is the SAME though we DEFINE it DIFFERENTLY.




The other side of the HUMILITY and PLAYING SMALL is OVER-TAKING, wanting it ALL for US. DESTROYING and ELIMINATING with the sole intention of FEEDING our POWER to keep DESTROYING and ELMINATING.


We are many to shy at the mention of POWER. For we never understood that as much it may be easy to be corrupted, we will never move ahead unless we own our POWER. Regardless of how we funnel that POWER, we will be called to balance our actions in future. ABUSE of POWER will have to be settled as much as LOVE through POWER will be rewarded. This is the BALANCE of LIFE.


What does POWER have to do with LEGACY?

Intention setting is a creative process and such process summons parcels of our beings unknown to us. Such process beckons our POWER to to CREATE, CO-CREATE, SUPPORT, DESTROY and ELIMINATE.

Such process asks of us to own our inner light, shine, bright and wisdom. The bigger the intentions, the more POWER is activated from within. A POWER that SEEKS to swirl through this world.

Those who have made it through history, impacting the world but first their families, with deep rooted legacies whether they are known  or unknown, whether they were parents, lovers, teachers, gardeners or writers, they did one thing – they owned their POWER. Maybe they never understood it but they OWNED every part of their being that carried the POTENTIAL to CREATE, CO-CREATE, SUPPORT, DESTROY and ELIMINATE.


When you start owning that POWER to CREATE, CO-CREATE, SUPPORT, DESTROY and ELIMINATE, the one thing that happens is you become a CUSTODIAN of and to a LEGACY which will handed from and through you to others. It could well be a LEGACY of LOVE, of HOPE, of NURTURE, of CONNECTIONS, of CONCEPT, of BUSINESS. Whatever it is, to be able leave a LEGACY behind, you have to BECOME the CUSTODIAN of whatever it is first. To become the CUSTODIAN of WHATEVER it is, you will have to OWN your POWER, knowing that while you can CREATE, CO-CREATE and SUPPORT, you can also easily SWAP to DESTROY and ELIMINATE.


The equation is simple:

 You can GIVE only what You HAVE.

You GIVE when You are a CUSTODIAN,


 whatever it is.



Benazir Bhutto , Mahatma Gandhi , Margaret Thatcher, Martin Luther King, Maya Angelou, Nelson Mandela, , Wayne Dyer and Sojourner Truth  they were all CUSTODIANS. They have probably struggled with POWER but had they not owned their POWER with the awareness that every step of theirs could and would change the world, we would not be the keepers of their legacies of LOVE, TRUTH, FREEDOM, HEALING, HUMANITY and  much more.


What legacy to do you want to leave behind? What is it that gift of your presence would you want to leave behind when you depart this human body?

What and how and who do you want to be remembered as?

Who are you as a Custodian? What do you want to guard, to nurture with the intention of handing over to the next generation?

How can you lead the way through by owning your POWER and staying PRESENT to your innate ability to DESTROY and ELIMINATE?


Whatever it is that you choose as path, at one point, you will be called to balance every investment you made through the use of your POWER. Keep in mind that the only mercy you will experience will be that of you facing the wrongs that you have done. You are the Alchemist.


Photo Courtesy: Josh Boot on Unsplash

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