Know that you will have to dive into the transformative waters of life to get that which you want

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“What do you want? Given you are here today, where do you see yourself five years down? What is your objective for asking for a meeting? What do want to explore in today’s conversation that will make a huge difference for you?”

And this drill down to specific and when we get specific into “whatever we want”, we start activating life within without.

There are instances in one’s life where getting specific can be challenging. I have been there, so have you.

A clarity conversation hence serves the purpose of getting you to move through your inner cloudiness.

Having an image, a movie, a feeling, a sound, a sense of what you want will in turn activate a process- unseen, unfelt and unheard by you , so that what you want moves closer to you each seconds.


At times, our intentions take years to manifest and some never happen. There are endless reasons for this.


The one obstacle that I often see with people that I have journeyed with is their own resistance to shifting and changing into a being aligned to that intention of theirs.

Setting intention, taking actions and keeping track of progress are unfortunately not enough. There is one truth, when you set an intention to be at a different place in a near future, you have to understand that you cannot be the same person in that future.

When you set an intention for a future, regardless of how close or near that future is, it summons life’s energy. This summoning does many things – it ensures that your intention manifests at maturation, provided you invest energy and passion and work for it but it also ensures that when that intention manifests, You the Seeker – is ready in the most appropriate form to embrace that manifestation.


For example: if you have an intention of becoming a Yoga Instructor. You start a training journey of a yoga teacher. But the person who sets that intention was not a yoga teacher. This phase of the journey reaches fruition when that person shifts physically, emotionally, energetically and mentally to become something aligned with the set intention.

Change, transformation and metamorphosis were and are inevitable part this journey.

Most of us suffer along our journey because we resist changes – we resist end of relationships, change in diets, living habits, thinking patterns and polluted beliefs.

We are living beings.  Seriously do you expect your physical, emotional, spiritual and soul space be the same when you reach that set intention?

When you set intentions be groundedly aware that change, transformation, metamorphosis are part of this process. You will have to sift and shift and elevate to embrace that manifested intention of yours. You will have to let go of beliefs, habits, people, places, things. It will feel, seem and sound chaotic but it will ease and cease eventually.

Know that you will have to dive into the transformative waters of life to get that which you want

Image Source: Jens Johnsson on Unsplash

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