Today my forest is dark and smoggy and the butterflies are gone…

What if you were taught and told that being sad, gloomy and down is part of life?

What if you were taught and told that inner conflicts are a healthy aspect of life, that aspect that ensures that growth is happening?

What if instead of labeling you as “depressed”, we would simply state that “you are currently going through a phase and you are to stay with it until you learn that which is seeking your attention”?

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What if for one day, we choose to honor our diverse spectrum of emotions instead of running.

What if for today, we give our sadness a throne, not because we seek to be the eternal sad one but simply we choose to be human

Carl Jung said

“The word “Happiness” would not mean the same if it were not balanced by sadness”.


There is nothing wrong in being sad, in crying, in feeling pain. What is wrong is when one stays in that phase for far too long.

As much as we eat to stay alive, as much as breathing is essential for our life, so are the emotions that we carry.

Emotions either energize us or drain us.

Sadness plays its own role in our life. At times, sadness drains us – we all know this very well.

But sadness on it’s own is not a good or bad emotion, it is just an emotion. An emotion that tells us that somewhere something just did notgo accordingly to our expectations.

Sadness is this energy motioning through our body unto our life and then, things happen to us deeply.

Sadness heightened when we battle between whatever it is and whatever ought to have been.

And it is a normal reflex. It is just a phase until one learns to shift.

Shifting here means not just accepting things for what they are but rather owning responsibility for what one feels.  But acceptance happens only when you stay with whatever it is that is happening to you.

Next time, you are drowning in sadness be reminded that there is no need to haste your self into smiling; there is no need into trying to be positive.

Be reminded that nothing is wrong with you. Know that you have embarked on your learning path and one day all this will ease from your life.

Darkness is purposeful to the forest, while some sleep,rest and heal, others live,roam and sing.

If your forest is deep dark right now and all the butterflies are gone, know that this is purposeful, know that out of this darkness more life will emerge....

Know that a little bit more of you will emerge.


Know that there is nothing wrong in being sad.

You are being taught about your humaness, know that this process will support you in playing a bigger role unto this world.


Image: Rosie Fraser on Unsplash

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