He will never ...........

To you precious ones, you who so often forget that there is much more than this detailed list of yours. This same list that you work on so diligently and faithfully in that one coaching session “that which you are seeking in your life partner

Truth be, He is human and he will surely match and he will surely mismatch that which you are seeking

He rides his own shitty waves….



He will never match the one you drew of

He will be his beauty

You will have to learn to see beyond his skin

He will never communicate the way you expect of him

His silence will be stoned, still he will commune

You will have to learn to wave through the heart’s rhythms

He will never console the way you want of him

He will be that one vertebrate through your tides

You will have to learn to trust his steed

He will never open up the way you want him to

He will ooze his love through his beingness

You will have to learn to embrace his songs


He will never be

He will never commune to

He will never respond to

He will never equate to

That one profile on your endless list


He is riding his waves

He is own Kind of Kind

Cradle his Beigness or

Set him free for Someone who will commune to his Kind of Kind




Image source: https://bryanreeves.com

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