Won't you open up


Won’t you open up to friendship my beloved?

We know you are struggling to trust

We know not much was given to you to trust

Yet not every man who moves close to you, will violate your boundaries


Won’t you open up your space my sacred one?

We know you have been bruised bad

We know you are holding on to your boundaries

Yet not every man who bows down to you, wants of your flesh


Won’t you open up to sweet words my love?

We know you have been shaken

We know your entire being in on alert

Yet not every man who compliments you, dreams of tearing your sacredness


Won’t you open up to love my precious one?

We know you are scared

We know you are holding on to your weary heart

Yet not every man who hums to you , sees you as some lustious meat


In a world where human beings have distorted the image of masculinity, 

women are scared to flow freely.

In a world where intimacy equates to sexual violation, 

women’s hearts are oozing fears instead of love

In a world where men are hurting from their blurred understanding of that which makes “a man”, women are fiercely closing up


Sisters, Mothers, Daughters, no matter what, regardless of all,

Keep your hearts open

Keep your hearts open for the sake of love, for the sake of life,

For the sake of the sacredness that leads within you

More than ever we need your openness

To awake the Sacred Warriors in Men

Those who will hum sacredness back into this world,

Into me, you and us……



Image source: www.pexels.com

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