Be Gentle with Your Heart – Your Preciousness is Emerging



Some of us will walk a path that tears us apart until we grow – a painful agonizing growth.

All growths do not have to be painful and all pains do not have to be agonizing.

Yet for some of us, it will deeply agonizing, for this is how we will finally learn to open up to life.

For some of us the path will be deeply shifting, for we will be called to let go of all the domestication and give way to that which is within to emerge.

We carry so much fakedness, we carry embedded fears – FEAR of DIFFERENCES, FEAR of the UNKNOWN, FEAR of the DARK, FEAR of LOVE.

The agony will come from that lack of love.

Love is not vicious; Love is not demeaning;

Love is not demanding; Love is certainly not narcissist

Love is just love.

When the agony steps in, it’s your own truth to love that makes you cry, for deep within you know that love speaks of another language, for deep within you know that all this is not real.

Love embraces; Love does not judge, love just be;

Love is patient for Love knows that one day we will tip

And we make a choice to LOVE or to DIE.


This path of yours is no easy. You have a choice, to keep going, or to step aside or to stay in the past.

Whatever you choose, it will grow your self into something.


Step aside and you will eventually rot. 

You will rot every possibility to growth, people, learning and to love.

Stay in the past, you will rot. 

You will rot every possibility to growth, people, learning and to love.

Keep going, you will rot. 

You will rot that which do not serve you anymore

You will rot of people, place, things, relationships, teachers,

teachings, every inches that do not serve you anymore.


And as the decaying deepens, nature will take over. This is the cycle of life, nature serving it’s purpose through you. Nature alchemizing magic through you as you grow into something less.

But this will not be an easy process, for you will hang on to that which used to be familiar – people, places place, things, relationships, teachers, teachings, every inches that used to be you.

If you are hurting right now, know that a huge part has to do with you hanging out.

And your forgetting of your own nature essence dis-serves you. It’s a cyclical life, that which are being taken away from you, will be replaced back by something way beyond, unknown to Divine at times.


It seems unfair because elevation and growth do not necessary

Happen according to our plans.

But plans do change, magic do shift, anything is possible.


So while you rot, keep this faith that everything will regrow from you - place, things, relationships, teachers, teachings, every inches.

This while, the growth will happen from within.


For once, forget about the deadlines, you are and you shall forever be a work in progress. There is no such thing as self-mastery, this rotting, this growing, this path happens in and through layers and through phases.


You are precious for this world way beyond your understanding.


Be gentle with your heart

Growth is happening

Be gentle with your self

Growth is no easy game

Be gentle

Your Preciousness is coming to Life

More than ever you need more of your gentleness



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