That which conspires when we take a step towards our fullest self

My decision to fly to Bangalore whooshed in early March 2018, my entirety was kicking, churning and brewing. I listened. I understood that I had to be India as I neared my birthday. And I listened.


Why do I make this conscious choice to listen to my body?

What difference does it bring to my life to listening to my body?

How does such a choice mold shape life?

What is the impact through and unto the wheel of my life?

Over the years, both my ongoing training as a meta-coach and on women spirituality have taught me and are still teaching me the way to grounding back into my body. The intelligence that my body temple hosts cannot be described but rather lived, experienced and ultimately transcended. I journey with fellows through the same path that I choose to journey with my self.

I have learned and I am still learning how my mind-body-heart-soul-energetic-emotion system works, learns and transforms via the way that we feel, see, hear and experience life through our bodies and how we ended up incorporate meanings into our body.


Our bodies carry the rhythms of the ancient ones, waiting to mold itself unto itself.

There comes a point, when listening is the only choice we have.


I landed in Mauritius on Wednesday 2nd May and since I have been resting, immersing deeper into and through the whispers of my trip. I listened and I am still listening to my mind-body-heart-soul-energetic-emotion system. I am gently emerging from my powerfully shifting and transforming Bangalorian trip. “Whispers of Faith” carried me on it’s wings through and through. My current state, a sweet drunkenness, I swear can dwell right through this drunkenness for weeks and months.

I have much to share, to hum, to celebrate, to honor, to acknowledge, to remember and to re-member. Right now right here, my heart feels like whispering this one truth to you all.


When I felt compelled from within to birth “Whispers of Faith” in September 2017, I never had plans of having “heart conversations” around the whispers. I simply followed through what my entirety was kicking me towards to back then. When I was planning my Bangalore trip, I had no plans of hosting a book sharing session and least to even speak of and about “Whispers of Faith” but Spirit decided otherwise, through my mentor, teacher and Sister Rekha Kurup and I embraced it.



Glimpses of "Whispers of Faith" in Bangalore


And as reflect back on how my life has shifted since 30th November 2017, from drown in my agony of unworthiness to trapped in my fears of unknowingness and my current sweet drunkenness, hear my whispers


“When we take a STEP towards our FULLEST SELF, that “WHICH HAS ALWAYS BEEN” and that “WHICH WILL EVER BE” will CONSPIRE to keep us MOVING. A step that manifests through a project, through words, through lands, through chants, through “it all”; name it, call it and nail it. The BIGGEST TRAP is that of trying to CONTROL THE OUTCOME of it all – the expectations, the return on investments, the ties and the relations. DOUBTS, FEARS, CONFUSIONS, BREAKS, SHAKES, WAKES, LOSS, GAINS, WAITS, STUCK, STILLNESS, LOVE, HATE, SHAME, GUILT, NAME, GAMES, PAINS and BALMS, they will all PLAY AN EQUAL PART of our journey. That “WHICH HAS ALWAYS BEEN” and that “WHICH WILL EVER BE will stand strong through it all through us, by us, for us and with us, whether we believe or not. There is no turning back, there is no going astray, there is no off-track, once you activate the process of moving towards your fullest self.”


As close off my sharing, readying my self for this week with the intention of unwinding the whispers from India, my deepest wishes of love, light and vibes go  to you

“May you take a step towards your fullest self. Moving towards our fullest self always ask of us to let go of the generational luggage, we fear for these luggage have ended up becoming part an integral part of our faked truth. May you be reminded that “WHICH HAS ALWAYS BEEN” and that “WHICH WILL EVER BE” will guide, lead, protect, nurture, sustain for you, through you and with you. Take that one step towards your fullest self, through a project, through words, through lands, through chants, through “it all”; name it, call it and nail it.”


“Whispers of Faith” will be whispering on new lands in June 2018, more will be shared in coming weeks. Looking forward to expanding in humility and love.


Blessings. Blessed Be.

May Whispers Be. May Faith Be.


Megha Venketasamy


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