March’s Whispers of Wisdoms: Women led, Women lead and Women shall lead till the end

I am feminist and my feminism plays a key role in how I navigate this world. My definition of feminism comes from my learning of owning my inner feminine essence (something which we all have, men and women). My feminism ongoingly teaches me to honor all lives on earth regardless of all. This very feminism discomforts endless and I am fine with it.

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March is fundamental to me and for me, and for the endless women and men who have choosen to use their voice to stand for equality and fairness.

Women leadership has been massively celebrated all through the month of March. Though the celebrations, I sat with my own discomfort.


We celebrate women who are in high ranking positions; we honor women who now have titled status as requested by this society. We celebrate women who have endless pieces of papers. Amidst this we forget one fundamental; women have been leading from the very beginning of time on earth.

 Women leadership must not be rewarded but rather honored and respected.

Women leadership must not be prized but rather space must be created and held for women to perform a role that is true to their natural rhythms and rhymes.

Women led, women lead and women shall lead till the end of time.


When patriarchy as an oppressive system took over, it encroached women’s rights to performing to their fullest potentials. With women’s potentials blocked, this has negatively impacted on this entire world and on men. In this dis-balance system none wins.


While we reward, prize and award the few women in high ranking positions, we forget that we are inadvertedly repeating the very patriarchal mechanisms that we are working hard to overcome; we are forgetting those women who will never drive a car or wear high heals, or travel the world, still they lead. They lead like none, they teach and share like none. Their lives symbolize the great march within and they never waited for an external movement to overcome the limits that were imposed on them because their birth certificates are stamped “female”.


It is easier for a patriarchal system to celebrate and honor a few prized women instead of making the conscious committed and dedicated effort to create space for women to step in and lead the way through.


I feel, I see and I hear how my walk through this feminism journey has shifted massively from where I started years back to where I stand today.

I have been broke open, my belief system rewired, my focus shifted and I am learning as a feminist to keep an open heart to being human.

I see men and women bleed because their sense of worthiness has been externalized by patriarchy.


In my activisms and my work as a coach, I feel, I see, I hear, I read endless stories of humans’ whose have lost their sense of self-worthiness because at one point, they just never made it through accordingly to certain norms in this society. In this patriarchal system your worthiness as a human being has been defined as connected to externals.

When something is externalized, we will at one point pause to reward and award it.


Patriarchy ingrained yet another poison in our system “you are worthy provided you have achieved this or that.”


Women are worthy, so are men; worthy regardless of what they achieve in this life. Their very presence on earth defines their worthiness. No awards or rewards or prize can and shall ever define the worthiness of being a man and a woman.


Pausing, remembering, acknowledging, honoring an celebrating the lives of endless women whose leadership we will know of

Pausing, remembering, acknowledging, honoring and celebrating those women who have led and who lead and who shall lead till the end of time.

Women had led, Women lead and Women shall lead till the end of time.



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