Being in the Present Moment.......

You have all heard this one fatal phrase “Be in the Present Moment”.

For those of who have roamed enough in meditation groups, this one phrase must have been chanted to you over and over again. No doubt, you are endless who have wondered what is it that you are doing wrong for you are unable to be in the “present moment”, the way our teachers speak of.

I have tried endless techniques not to think of the past, of the future and yes, I went through endless rituals of “letting go”.

Then, I screwed my brains by declaring “self-dumbness”.

I have been there too until something clicked.

Being in the present moment does not mean forgetting about the past or not thinking of that future

Being in the present moment does not mean using some positive jargonic tools to camouflage any discomfort any fear any pains and any uncertainties

And being in the present moment does not mean using some hyper-advanced breathing technique to whoosh out that which dis-eases you


Being in the present moment means accepting things

for what they are in this moment in time

You may be trying hard to change jobs

You may be waiting for that one specific thing to happen and it has been a long wait

You may be in love and nothing is happening

You may be longing for some other lands

Maybe you do not know what is next

Maybe you are worried from this unknowingness


Being in the present moment means being with that which is happening in your space

Some things make us want to storm away

Some things make us rejoice in life


Being in the present moment means accepting things for what they are right now

With the awareness that as life evolves, seasons come and go, so will those things


Things will change, come what may

Things always change


How come things change when we are in the present moment?

Things start to shift as you grow into being in the present moment,

As you grow into acceptance, you are no more wasting your energy in resisting,

in being angry, in being sad and in being mad

You become grounded and as your groundedness deepens

Things start to shift when you grow into that state of acceptance.


A state is a deep rooted mind-body experience and your entire experience of anything is indicated by your state.

A state can be defined as - "what we feel, what's on our mind and what we feel an urge to do."


It is up to you to define what acceptance means, how acceptance looks like, how acceptance feels and how acceptance sounds.

Then use that state of acceptance strategically

When you are in your state of acceptance, you are no more struggling to shut off parts of your life.

You are just here, knowing that this is how things are right now right here.

Hence, there is no useless waste of energy, there is no struggle.


It is this very state of acceptance that will fuel your next steps.

It is through this very state that you will start plotting your next steps to shifting your life.

That state of acceptance can be used strategically to bring more awareness to you

What is working against you right now?

What is working in partnership with you right now?

What is the worst possible scenario?

Let’s plan now


We all need support and guidance to grow into our awareness. Even coaches are coached ongoingly, even coaches need ongoing support.


While you struggle with your present moment, pause and think about it – "what difference would it make to your life if you gave yourself permission to be supported and coached?"


What difference will it make your life to grow in your present moment?


In your present moment, with a heightened awareness that as life evolves, seasons come and go, so will those things



Image source:  Heath Thistle on Unsplash

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