The Rise of Educated Women

There is River of Women in migration

A nation of Educated Women

Dancing between the manifest and the unmanifest,

Alchemizing the structures of this patriarchal system.

river of women.jpg

The phrase “Educated Women” does not refer to women who have been schooled, who are schooled and who shall be schooled. Our formal education system is part and parcel of this patriarchal system, schooled women have not been taught, are not being taught and will not be taught this truth “we are all born within an oppressive system and as women, we carry within generational imprints of trauma as well as wisdom and our life is non-negotiable regardless of what we do and become.”


I say this and I stand as a witness for my own self and my years of having been schooled.


Educated Women are those women who at one point have heeded, are heeding and will heed to the beckoning within. Once they give in to their within, there is no turning back. Educated Women are those who feed their selves with the juiciness of their inner nectar, for within dwells centuries of wisdom and knowingness bestowed from generations of unseen, unheard and unfelt grandmothers.


Educated Women are re-negotiating women’s place in this world, their journey is lonesome. There are no accessories to their beigness, their presence shifts space. Educated Women understand that their power was never taken away from them and they have committed knowingly and unknowingly to this painful task of reclaiming the narratives, beliefs and agreements handed over to them.


Educated Women are summoning their inner medicines, they are returning to earth as the eternal womb. Their language oozes a simplicity that most of us struggle to grasp. Educated Women know that no woman’s life is negotiable and there is not a single woman who is not whole.


Educated Women’s colors disturb us, yet we are often lured by these very colors for they remind us of a truth that we all know within.


I pause and I bow down to the educated women today, I witness your rise and you inspire me, you evoke within me this call to beckon to my inner calling. Had it not been for the ripples of your silent waves, I would not be where I stand today!


I pause  and I  bow down to the schooled women and to those to be-schooled, know that you will face a turning point in your life, the entirety of whatever you have constructed and /or will construct, will crumble down, the choice will be yours. Either you rise to your own wisdom or you keep rebuild yourself from the crumbles of this system that has disserved you for long enough.


I pray for you schooled women and to be-schooled women, for I know within walks your Truth.

I pray for me, for I am part and parcel of this system and every day I witness my stride.

I pray for us, trusting that one day, we shall all rise as Educated Women in respect of all that is and all that will ever


Love from my heart to yours


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