Becoming Conscious Recipient

We live in a world with mainstream spirituality fashion. As much I as own the essence of these words, I also see beyond it. We follow trends and “bless this situation” is a phrase often used in a way to stop you from engaging emotionally with that which has happened.

As a facilitator and fellow , I am witness to how this phrase “Bless this situation”, in truth suffocates the flow of opening for humans who are involved in any type of situations, especially conflicting ones. When we ask of ourselves or of others to bless this situation (though the intention could well be grounded), without pausing to ask what is “showing up” through this situation, we are in truth denying ourselves and others from receiving vital information for growth.

Then we better not be surprised that such situations repeat and in the facilitation works, we will coin this “patterns” or “dance of the shadows”, such terms are endless.

Next time, you are rushing to utter this phrase, pause and ask yourself,

“Is this the one “fix-it” way to move over it quick? Am I denying myself of my humanness from feeling whatever it is churning and brewing within? Do I actually believe in this phrase or am I just following a trend? What if I chose to look at myself for once, what difference will it make to myself? What if I chose to listen to the pain for once, what can I learn?”

Know that there is no quick fix-it, even if we chose to utter this phrase, “bless this situation”, sooner or later, life will kick hard enough till we pause to look at ourselves and at that which is seeking to be acknowledged, heard, seen, felt and embraced.

This compassionate life keeps kicking until we move to from victimship to creatorship.

I believe the way to bless any situation, especially conflicting ones, is to pause and own one’s stance within and ask these questions:

What is showing for me in this situation?

What is this feeling that I am experiencing?

Where do I feel?

What is happening?

What symbols do I attach to what which has happened and still happening?

What parts of me have been brought up to light, parts that I was not aware of?

What emotions are emerging?

What are the triggers?

What are the self-talks going on?

Can I gift myself space to find the strength to walk my way through this phase?

What need is seeking to fulfilled?

How can I best support myself in supporting this need?


We BLESS any situation when we BECOME a CONSCIOUS RECIPIENT to whatever this situation has REVEALED, UNCOVERED and GIFTED us whether we are COMFORTABLE with it or NOT.


When RECEPTIVENESS moves to a CONSCIOUS level, then it BROADENS our VISION and GROWTH becomes an INEVITABLE outcome. It automatically MOVES us FROM a space of HURTING to a space of BECOMING AWARE. In no way, I am condoning that which has happened, we are humans and at times, things happen and we hurt.

As we open up to receive information about ourselves, then it is no more about what others have done to us or an issue of trusting others but rather it becomes an ongoing pacing within where we learn to trust what is showing up for us, to us through us.


Let’s no more to bless any situation believing it will just mend itself, more than ever we are being called to pause and ask ourselves what shadow part of us is emerging and how do we learn to hold space for this shadow without shunning away.

May we become aware of such trends.

May we choose consciously for ourselves

May we choose a step closer to our awareness

Whatever be our choice, may we be bold enough to question our choices

May we grow be become conscious recipient to life that constantly pour through us.


Love from my heart to yours


Megha Venketasamy

Image source:Vinicius Amano, Unsplash

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