My Little Life

When I looked back at what I did and where I have been through.

It feels like many lives already. It feels like I have constantly been paving my own path despite the fact that there was already a pre-defined plan for me.

A corporate job with a heavy package, a marriage with a home, a “yes daughter” to all.


Yet I just kept moving from them all.

I have no idea why except that my little heart knew there was more to this little life of mine.

Not like I was not afraid, I was and I was not great at articulating my woundedness unless until I had alchemized them.

I am still not good at it.


So people in my space never quite understood this swirling of mine. They still don’t. My stubbornness took it over and I kept going even through the bruises.

It feels like I have been using my free will without being aware of it for years.

It has been a path loaded with choices and consequences. I have been glorified and I have also been cursed by others. Not like, I did not poison my self with what others were saying about me. I did but eventually but I have learned to just mind my path and not make agreements with what others think of me and about me. And I am still learning that though.

Right now at this moment, pausing to look into that which I have become, I will say that I am simply more of that little dreamy girl who soaked for hours with her little heart buried in words.

I have become more of that little one with wings on her legs, hearts in her eyes and magic in her laughter and cheekiness in her arms

I have become more of that my dreams.

Maybe the truth is, my dreams have bestowed endless blessings unto me.


Maybe the lesson was simply this:

“Yes there is a pre-defined plan for us. Most of us shall live our lives through that pre-defined plan too afraid to venture outside. Then once in a while someone will rise above this plan for the sake of her/her heart’s dreams. This rising will teach that person about the gift of free-will. And as that person grows into awareness of this gift, that person will be taught to fight for it. For the only way to mastering this gift is by putting it into use.... "

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