Women Circles

The intent of bringing women in circles

This World shivers when women gather; This World retaliates when women gather; This world mocks when women gather; This World curses when women gather; This World discomforts at the gathering of women.

Women discomforts at the gathering of women.

What is about women gathering that creates so much fuss?


Any act of bringing people together in a moment in time grounded in intentions, carries the potentials to break through. Such acts serve the path of any individual on his/her way to grow a touch more aware of his/her beliefs, stories, discomforts, patterns and selves. This is what we term as CONSCIOUS AWARENESS. When one BECOMES CONSCIOUSLY AWARE, then one STARTS LIVING CONSCIOUSLY and CONSCIOUS LIVING IS CONNECTED TO CONSCIOUS CHOICES. This act SHATTERS the TENTACLES of our PATRIARCHAL SYSTEM. We FRAME these instances as SHIFTING and TRANSFORMING.



At the core of bringing women in circles lies the intention of activating the innate connectedness that women have shared from the beginning of time. There is nothing new to women journeying in circles – our great grandmothers did it and ancient communities knew it. The patriarchal system that we live in has invested energy, time and fears in building women against one another – shaming, naming, slutting, belittling – you name it.


Women Circles create safe spaces to allow women to move inwards to see, feel, hear and listen to their stories, beliefs, values, wounds, woundedness, connectedness, disconnectedness, relationships, life and world. Women Circles teach women to embrace both their light and shadow selves.

Women Circles teach women to ask this one vital question “Where is the soul?”


This World shivers when women gather; This World retaliates when women gather; This World mocks when women gather; This World curses when women gather; This World discomforts at the gathering of women.

So Be it!


Women gathering moves women in spaces to reclaim their stories and cast spells unto their selves so that they rise to reconciliate with this world. This is the power of circles, this is the power of words, this is the power of consciously crafting and sealing agreements with and within our selves and the external world.


Our world carries undermining, harmful and belittling agreements for and against women, colored people, indigenous people and minority groups.


Women have a key role to play in reclaiming, reconciliation and peacebuilding. Yet this process cannot happen unless women stand within and through their stories and start their inner reclaiming, reconciliation and peace building. The activist that I am, have chosen to invest of my self, my time and my resources in bringing women in circles.


When women come together, the space will by default align itself to make shifts and transformations possible. Intention matters and so does the one who facilitates.


We need structures, strategists, scientists, economists, politicians, healers, mid-wives, artists, creators, rainmakers and peacemakers to shift this world. But we also need women who will vulnerably show up and by so doing hold the mirror for other women to start their inward descend.


Megha Venketasamy

Shakti Moon Women Circle Facilitator


A Women Circle is an intimate sacred gathering where we come to re-member and remember our connectedness within and others. A Woman Circle is a place and space in time, where we face our mirrors and look within without and learn new ways of connecting, loving, speaking, listening and relating to others. A Women Circle is a journey of inner discovery that serve the integration of new blueprints that serve the women we are becoming.

As each woman claims her seat in the circle, we come together as equals united by our common purpose.



We bring women in circles for this is the true nature of who we are. A woman is a cyclical being, constantly in a state of flux from one phase to another. 

Working with women come naturally to me and to many of us out there. Call it a gift or call it simply LOVE or simply call it a part of our mission in healing ourselves and healing this earth.

As an associate certified meta-coach, and certified NLP Practitioner by the International Society of Neuro-semantics and a certified Women Circle Facilitator by The She Stands Tall Project, based in Bangalore India, I bring in my own path and my awareness to deepen my self work and awaken other sisters along way.



Women over 18 years

For women who are seeking to connect deeper within in a safe and sacred space.

For sisters, maidens, mothers, crones, grandmothers – for any women out there who are seeking to walk home


Types of Women Group Sessions

A. Online monthly circles

We accomodate up to 30 women, seated within the comforts for the homes and for 90mins we walk through the theme to be explored, experienced and witnessed.

B. Monthly based on themes with only 15 seats available

A 90mins to 2hours session revolving around a theme where participants get to the possibility to:

1. Experience the sacredness of coming together in a circle

2. Explore one or two tools focused on shifting within

3. Keep their connection to the circle by being physically present each month

During these circles women get the possibility to:

1. Experience the sacredness of coming together in a circle

2. Identify their core strengths and values

3. Connect and communicate with others through their core strengths and values

4. Learn to hold space for themselves and others

5. Explore a set of tools geared towards emphasis their day to day personal and professional life

6. Return home but connected and with a set of tools to keep exploring within

7. Tools to keep the circle going on after the journey


Have  questions and queries about the Women Circles, please feel free to schedule a meeting with us, we love connecting with a higher purpose and we believe in the sacredness of connectedness. 


Frequently Asked Questions about Women Circles