Our Story

Nyame Dua literally means GOD’S TREE in Akan Twi the language of the Ashanti people of Ghana. God’s Tree is the sacred site where the powers of Heaven and Earth unite and where human beings come to know who they are. It is a place of magnificent change, growth, and infinite possibility.  It is where we may learn the truth of seasons, cycles, and regeneration; where we can appreciate endurance, patience, introspection, adaptability, rootedness, and reach.  Under God’s Tree, the wise gather to ensure the balance and harmony of the people.

 This is the essence of Nyame Dua, that when people come to us, they begin this conscious journey of “coming to know who they are.” Where through one to one coaching, online coaching or through our group sessions, we put heart in creating a safe sacred space where one can let go of the mess and then start dwelling into “who one is in truth”.

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Our Brand Values: Regeneration, Cycles, Seasons, Rootedness, Patience, Introspection, Co-Creativity, Collaboration, Love, Connectedness, Ruthless Compassion, Nurturing Heart

What do we do?

We Coach, Educate, Facilitate and Journey with Women and Girls to Explore, Voice, Embrace and to Stand For their Inner Deepest Truth.

We do this through Structured Coaching Sessions, Women-Led Facilitation Sessions and Creative-Arts Facilitation Sessions.

Our approach is focused on bringing participants closer to their selves by expanding self- awareness be it through coaching sessions or group facilitation sessions.

We believe in each person finding his/her ultimate truth.

We do not stand as experts but rather, co-creators alongside those who choose to journey with us.

Although our primary works focus on women and girls, we also support boys and men along their journey

 Why Nyame Dua?

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It tells my story in the most profound way. The Ashanti people were a matrilineal tribe and at the heart of their tribe was a Queen Godmother who lead along with her Goddess Daughters. This Queen Godmother was known as the rain maker.

My name is Meghanaiyegee – Megha means rain/thunder and Naiyegee means Goddess or Queen or Star – we do not have it’s equivalent in English

One year prior to launching Nyame Dua in Mauritus, February 2016, I gifted myself a tattoo on my left wrist and little did I know that I was in truth activating a bigger part of my mission here on earth.


Nyame Dua is my calling “me answering the call in 2010 which is that of Serving, Supporting and Guiding Women till the End.”


May Nyame Dua serves the purpose of reminding me and those who shall connect to Nyame Dua directly and indirectly that Growth, Unleashing, Elevation, Love, Connection,Nurture is possible and it happens when we come together in our sacredness under God’s Tree.