Menstruation: The Dance of Light and Dark

Menstruation an ongoing flow- death, birth and death and rebirth within, a transformative gift that woman and men have become disconnected to. Yet our bodies know it all, our bodies whisper it all every day, every phase till the end. Even menopause is part of the menstruation cycle.

Our dis-ease with menstruation has given rise to even more disease in our life.

We are gathering in a circle to share our own experiences as women and men with menstruation, our stories, our feelings, our embodied sense of what menstruation brings to us irrespective of the social-cultural narratives that have been superimposed on our sacred blood. We are gathering to re-member and remember the whispers and wisdom of the Mother Moon to and through our menses. We shall explore our re-lating with our menses and kick start the re-membering of the moon phases and how our body seasons through.

We will kick start a process of opening the doors to women’s wisdom.


Contribution Rs. 400. If monetary contribution holds you back from coming to the circle, please get it touch with us and we can talk about it.

Contribution is to be effected upon confirmation of pre-registration or on same day of session.

Pre- Registration is required - please follow the details for tickets


Megha Venketasamy - Certified Shakti Moon Women Circle Facilitator under The She Stands Tall Project

She is part of the global sisterhood of She Stands Tall project and just completed her 14 months of training into Women Circle Facilitation offered by Rekha - Founder of the She Stands Tall Project.

For any question or queries you can reach her on