Join the march of Women this March onwards

 As we ready to step into the significant month of March, I pause to reach out to you woman, seeker, seer, co-creator and sister on this journey, hear my whispers

 “Leadership skills will not take women further”, for none of these move women in spaces safe enough for them for show up to and for their selves, their stories, their journeys, their wounds , their trauma and their bodies.

 The more women own, reclaim and storied their experiences as Truth, the more we will move the structural dynamics of this world and this is how transformation will happen.  This is the work that each one of us are being called to do individually and collectively.

 This march, we invite you to open your office, homes, communities and your networks to the most needed vulnerable conversations around the beingness of “being a woman”.

 We have themed sessions which can be run either as circles or workshops or open conversations inhouse or within your organizations and/or communities or close groups UPON REQUEST.

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All these sessions are grounded in specific tools- Neuro -inguistics Programming, Neuro-Semantics, Organic Inquiry and Women Spirituality.


These themed sessions can be run either as:

1. A circle for a duration of 90mins to 2hrs at most with a maximum participant of 15 persons ( women only or mixed- men and women)

2. An open conversation with led questions and content specific information sharing, duration 1hrs with a larger audience

3. A workshop duration 3hrs with breaks and group activities (mixed group men and women , 20 participants at most)

Note: Each option has an participation fee per participant, feel free to write back for any questions or queries.

Themed Session:

1. Anger

This session explores anger as an emotion, how women relate to anger and being angry, the narratives and stories behind anger. Anger is never the issue, this issue sets the base for starting the conversation around that which is yet to be acknowledged.

2. Being a Woman

This session explores the narratives of what each participant holds as true. This session starts the process of questioning the "truths".

3. Sisterhood

This session explores "sisterhood", the comfort, the discomfort, the triggers and the learning. This session sets the basis for what it takes to own one's shadow in relating to the other.

4. Woman's body- a contested terrain

This session explores the narratives and beliefs participants carry around their physical bodies, the source/s of these beliefs, narratives and agreements.

5. What is holding you back?

This session explores what comes between each participant's visioning and her life unfolding. This session is loaded in intensity for it opens the doors to unseen, unheard and unfelt patterns.

6. Virginity- Demystifying the objectification

This session explores the participation's narratives, beliefs, fears and trauma around this word. This session prepares the grounds to start the conversation around the origins of the word virginity and it meant. This session is interconnected with the " women's body- a contested terrain" and "menstruation".

7. Menstruation

This session casts and holds space for participants to unload their respective experience, belief, agreements, narratives and encounters with menstruation. This session introduces the four archetypes, the moon phases and how every woman's body goes through the cycle of birth, growth, decline, death and rebirth

8. Ageing

This session explores ageing, how women relate to ageing, the narratives, beliefs and agreements. This session holds space for ageing as a rite of passage and honoring the crones within and in our lives.

9. Voicing Your Voice

This session explores each participant's relationship with her voice, agreements, beliefs and narratives. This session holds space for participants to unload their throat and hear their respective voice.


Reclaiming our self-relating for this is the beginning to reclaiming the collective reclaiming of relating.