Heart to Heart Conversations

There is magic in the words that we use. Most of us will live unconscious to our own magic.

We believe in the power of words and we host the most uncomfortable heart opening conversations in safe spaces.


As beings we were never taught that we are always conversing, we are in constant communication within and without. And by default we are always relating to self and others.

The quality of our outer relating depends on the quality of our inner self relating.

One conversation at a time. One moment to pause and to listen self.

It starts and ends with conversing and relating to self.

We host fortnightly online and in-person conversations with facilitators spread across the globe with the intents of:

  • cast, hold and nurture safe space for women, girls, men and boys, so that individually and collectively we may start pausing to listen to our respective selves first.

  • moving to a space of uncovering the blinkers and learning about women and women’s spirituality and hence, furthering women’s support for their respective selves.

  • Start the  process of starting to question “what we believe in and why we believe in”