9th March Women Circle

“Anger- Holding Sacred Grounds”

Anger Circle (1).png

Session Brief:
This session explores anger as an emotion, how women relate to anger and being angry, the narratives and stories behind anger. Anger is never the issue, this issue sets the base for starting the conversation around that which is yet to be acknowledged.

Your anger is sacred ground that protects your sacred self. It is a deeply personal emotion that is like no one else's.

When your anger is honored, it tells you what you value. It tells you what you want. Anger takes you to what is hurting and, if you give it enough time, it will tell you how the hurt can be healed.

Contribution Rs. 300. If monetary contribution holds you back from coming to the circle, please get it touch with us and we can talk about it.
Contribution is done prior through juice or bank transfers or on the same day along with registration

Megha Venketasamy - Certified Shakti Moon Women Circle Facilitator under The She Stands Tall Project

She is part of the global sisterhood of She Stands Tall project and just completed her 14 months of training into Women Circle Facilitation offered by Rekha - Founder of the She Stands Tall Project.

For any question or queries you can reach her on megha.venketasamy@gmail.com