Workshop: Exploring the Money Narratives

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Our relating to money and abundance was given to us as we grew up. Blockages, beliefs, agreements, narratives are not the results of an overnight process.


We gather for 3hours facilitated and run within and through the Way of the Circle to uncover our money narratives and set intentions for the way forward. The one way to re-membering and re-writing our stories, we begin by re-claiming and re-conciliating with that which are not true with our truest self.

Women and abundance; women and money, a tricky relationship. There has vested shame and guilt but also this need to give when one has.

Give to whom? Give to who? Why give?

What is the intention?

This workshop is for any women, aspiring and current women entrepreneurs, seeking to explore their relating with money. As we open up to face the narratives, we create space for the visionary within to emerge and own her rightful place. This session touches any woman who seeks to cast and hold space for her visionary within


METHODOLODY: We will be using art based creativity and explorative processes during these three hours.


DURATION: 3hours with a 15mins break



Note that you are most welcome to bring fruits and snack to share with each other.


NOTE: We close off at 20 participants to ease interaction


PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED - Briefings will be sent prior to workshop - please follow the link for registration


Megha Venketasamy - Certified Shakti Moon Women Circle Facilitator under The She Stands Tall Project , Certified Life Coach and Certified NLP Practitioner.

 She is part of the global sisterhood of She Stands Tall project and just completed her 14 months of training into Women Circle Facilitation offered by Rekha - Founder of the She Stands Tall Project.

 For any question or queries you can reach her on